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The active principles of Breaster are derived from herbs, such as the com­mipheroline that promotes the activation of the reaction of lipogenesis and lipolysis, increasing significantly the size of the breasts -- the path of activa­tion of the CAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate)--. Applying it once a day for six weeks is enough to see an increase of two to four centimeters, the equivalent of a larger bra size.

Breaster counts with input from active protein and bioestimulinas of soya, avocado and macadamia -with high levels in vitamins A, D and E, fatty acids and natural anti oxidants of rapid absorption, capable of stimulating the cellular respiration, providing immediate affirmation and tightening the skin thanks to the lifting effect and the reaction of the fibroblasts.
Coenzyme Q10.
Foments the production of energy, protects the skin of the external aggressions and delays aging, decreasing the depth of the wrinkles and smoothing the cutaneous tissue. Has the ability to stimulate the pro­duction in the skin of substances that humidify and protect it from envi­ronmental aggressions. The continued use of the Coenzyme Q10 revitalizes the tissues, increases their elasticity and provides the skin with elasticity, softness and smoothness.
The Commpheroline is an oleoresin. The activation of these 2 enzymes allows increasing the triglycerides in the adipocytes. The Commipheroline helps keeping the cutaneous tonicity by increasing the storage of triglycerides. The skin is firmer and wrinkles disappear simply by mechanical effect.
Avocado Oil.
It contains vitamins A, D, E and minerals. Soaks through and nourishes the different layers of the skin. It has moisturizing and emollient power. Soothes and relaxes. Relieves flaking. It creates a natural barrier for the skins dry or with wrinkles and also to promote cicatrizing. Stimulating and regenerative tissue action. With tocopherols that are highly effective as antioxidant agents delaying the aging.
Macadamia Nut Oil.
The Macadamia nut oil is rich in fatty acids. Anti-aging agent; fights against cellular oxidation. It is easily absorbed by the upper layers of skin and returns it its elasticity and tonicity.
Comedogenic and of high tolerance. Calms and softens. Basic care of ma­ture or dry skins.
Firming Complex.
The Firming Complex that 3reaster #3 contains is a mix­ture of glycolic, soya bean protein, amino acids, hydrolized collagen and elastin with great power firming and epithelializing the skin. Active nature of the cell growth. Astringent and hemostatic properties. Animal and plant based. Especially indicated to combat breast flaccidity.
Skin Tightener.
Our skin tightener is a natural active that firms the skin providing an extra of hydration. Vegetable extracts of Quillay and Kigelia. Emulsifying and moisturizer properties. It softens and soothes itching.
Hydrating agent combining firming and tensing properties with moisturiz­ing and protective: immediate tensing effect of new generation effective and pleasant without tightness feeling. Improves texture, tightens and smooths the breasts skin. Gives tonicity and moisturizes. Significant and lasting effect.
Pronalen Fibro-Actif.
Soybean and wheat sprouts. Bioactive peptides and oligosaccharides that impede and delay the onset of clear signs of cutane­ous aging. Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and mineral elements.
Anti-aging: set of bioactive molecules capable of penetrating the inner lay­ers of the skin. Provides energy and delays the signs of skin aging.
Apply at least once a day on clean and dry skin, carrying out a gentle mas­sage until total absorption.
Package of 50 ml / 1,7 FL OZ
Shelf life 12 months after opening

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