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Manoli M. D.
The first thing I noticed in the applications is that I had many stretch marks due to the feeding of my children and they have been gradually disappearing. At the same time I noticed my skin was smoother, in addition to other creams that I tried of this type they do not smell well, but your products smell lovely.
I like the texture very much as well, it is very soft when you apply it to the skin, I like the way it leaves the skin. I have used it at any time of the day, but I've noticed that it is much better after showering that way the skin absorbs the cream much better.

Silvia M. D.
I notice that the texture is softer, which firms the skin quite well and it is very creamy. I like it very much and I also use it for my hands for the softness and the smell that it leaves. Also I am putting on my legs where I have stretch marks. I have been applying it for 3 days once a day and my breasts feel firmer.

My name is Rebeca, I am 29 years old and as all women of my age, I'm starting to feel the signs of the passage of time on my body, especially in areas such as buttocks, thighs, arms and breasts. My skin is no longer as supple as before, especially in the chest, where I noticed it loses firmness bit by bit.
I have never considered the option of resorting to cosmetic surgery and a friend told me about the benefits of the new product Breaster, an affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery with which, without the need to pass through the operating theater, my chest would regain firmness and volume. I must admit that at first I was wary of the benefits "almost miraculous" that the cream claimed to have but I must admit that I have noticed some excellent results after treatment!
After two weeks applying the cream on a daily basis on the chest, the results totally exceeded my expectations. I noticed my chest was firmer, the skin elastic and hydrated and some increase in volume that gave me more shape. I am very satisfied with the results, and I am sure that continuing with the treatment will increase the benefits. I am glad I finally found an alternative that is truly effective to surgical intervention.

Clara.H  (47 years old)
A real surprise this cream. After testing it for the first time I was surprised at the freshness and the pleasant feeling that it left on my breasts. I´ve been using it for a month every night and I have recovered the smoothness and firmness in the entire contour of my breasts. There are days that I am eager to get home at night and have a shower so I can put on the cream. I love it!

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