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Eau de Parfum Les Femmes


Pheromones are captured by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), which is hosted inside our nose. This was discovered scientifically in 1703 and is connected through nerve endings to the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that produces the emotions and sexual arousal). Subsequently it has been shown that the VNO is the recipient of the pheromones and also the organ that controls emotions such as fear or sexual pleasure.
Perfumes with pheromones are specifically formulated to act in a manner immediately on the VNOS, sending out a signal that will be instantly captured directly by your fellow female or male, awakening a sense of interest on the opposite sex. The attraction between a man and a woman not only depends on the beauty, the figure or other factors, but a totally scientific phenomenon.

The sweat glands are responsible for producing and secreting pheromones in people. This means that every time a person sweats, expels a very small amount of these pheromones, but however small it is, is perfectly detectable by our fellow human beings around us at the same time that it is produced. They end up impregnated in our skin and are what make us more attractive and striking towards women or men.
The smelt scent by coincidence or contradictorily, are not good aromas. Related to the sense of smell are called from first exit to half exit smells and undesirable. That’s the reason why of our insistence about showering and impregnating with perfumes or better olfactory sensations.
This aroma in turn by its nature among living beings is the aroma that increases the level of attraction.
A good perfume with synthetic pheromones and used in an effective way will make the people in your environment have a better consideration of you and this will make your confidence grow.
Pheromones are mainly used to attract a person for sexual purposes, sexual signals that do not have lasting smell, but our sense of smell does detect them and associates them with a erotic and pleasant content. The artificial perfumes or perfumes created with synthetic pheromones reinforce those natural corporal odors that will make the sexual attraction intensify, hence the importance of using cosmetics related to sexual attraction.
The synthetic pheromones base of Eau de Parfum #8 makes that scent be long lasting therefore that association lasts throughout the day.
The idea of showering and impregnating yourself with a cream or body lotion and reinforce that scent with a perfume with which you know that you are going to sexually attract the desired person, is very satisfactory and makes our self-esteem strengthen. There is data about this derived from painstaking scientific studies, from many years ago. It is tested in all trials that as well as increasing the sex appeal, improves the quality and duration of the couple's orgasm.

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