Terms and Conditions
1. Legal Information
Breaster™ and Cremène are trademarks of Virtual Dating Technologies, SL (from now on VDT) established in Don Juan de Austria, 4 Suite 140-46003 Valencia. Company registered in the Register of Alicante (Spain)
2. Acceptance
The use of this website is subject to the following conditions. Please read them carefully. By accessing this website and using the materials provided here means that you have read and accepted, without exception, these conditions.
3. Terms of Use
This web site contains products prepared by VDT that follows all the rules and legal requirements of the Ministry of Industry of Spain. All products of VDT have the necessary legal records, as specified in the pages of "More Information" for each of them.
The published properties of VDT products correspond to those of its active principles and components for their unique formulations, scientifically proven. VDT products can be modified, developed or updated without notice. The links contained within this website may lead you to other websites and pages operated by third parties which VDT exercises no control over. VDT is not responsible for the content and status of these sites and web pages, and access to them through this website does not mean that VDT recommends or approves their contents.
4. Intellectual and Industrial Property
All content of the Website, which is understood as text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other visual or audio, and graphic design source codes (from now on, "Content") are intellectual property of VDT or third parties, without any rights to exploit them beyond what is strictly necessary for the proper use of the Site .
The trademarks, trade names or logos are owned by VDT or third parties may not used because you have access to the Website and does not give any rights to trademarks, trade names and / or logos.
The User promises to make proper use of the Website in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice. You will be liable to VDT or against third parties for any damages that may be caused by breach of this obligation. It is expressly forbidden to use the Website for purposes injurious to property or interests of VDT or others or in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and other computer equipment (hardware) or products and applications (software) VDT or third parties.
5. Content
User agrees to use the Content in accordance with the Law and this Legal Notice, as well as other conditions, regulations and instructions in his case could be applied in accordance with these conditions. Without limitation, the User in accordance with applicable law must not:
Reproduce, copy, distribute, make available publicly communicate, transform or modify the Content, except as permitted by law or expressly allowed by VDT or whoever holds the title of the exploitation rights in his case. Reproducing or copying for private use any Content that may be treated as software or a database in accordance with current legislation on intellectual property and public communication or making available to third parties when those acts necessarily involve reproduction by User or any third party. Removing and/or reusing full or a substantial part of the Content of the Website and the databases available to VDT Users.
6. Introduction of links to web site users "unaffiliated" to our promotional programs.
The Internet user who wants to introduce links from their own websites to the Website must comply with the conditions listed below even if they have no knowledge of them, they will not avoid responsibilities under the Act:
The link will only be to the home page or Website home page but not reproduce it in any way (inline links, copy text, graphics, etc.).. Shall be forbidden, in accordance with applicable law and in force at all times, to establish frames of any kind that involve the Website or allow the display of the Content via Internet address other than the Website, in any case, when viewed in conjunction with content outside the Website that: (i) cause, or may cause confusion or misleading users about the true origin of the service or Content, (II) involves a act of comparison or unfair imitation, (III) serves to exploit the brand reputation and prestige of VDT, or (IV) in any other way prohibited by applicable law.
Not made on the page introducing the link any false, inaccurate or incorrect on VDT, partners, employees, customers or the quality of its services. In any case, be expressed in the page you will locate the link that VDT has consented to the inclusion of the link or otherwise sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the sender.
It is prohibited to use any name, graphics or mixed or any other distinguishing marks of VDT in the sender page except as permitted by law or expressly authorized by VDT and where permitted, in these cases, a link Direct to the Website in the manner prescribed in this clause.
The page containing the link shall comply with the law and may not under any circumstances provide or link to content themselves or others that: (i) are unlawful or contrary to morality and decency (pornographic, violent, racist, etc..), (II) induces or could induce the user the false impression that VDT supports, endorses, adheres to or in any way supports the ideas, statements or expressions, legal or illegal, the sender, (III ) are inappropriate or irrelevant to the activity of VDT in the place, contents and theme of the website of the sender.
In any case, the existence of Linked Sites presupposes the existence of agreements with the managers or owners thereof, or the recommendation, promotion or identification of VDT with the statements, content or services provided.
VDT does not know the content and services on the Linked Sites and are therefore not responsible for damage caused by the unlawfulness, quality, unavailability, error or uselessness of the content and / or services of the Linked Sites or any other losses not directly attributable to VDT.

7. Protection of personal data
The data that may be collected through this website will be incorporated into an automated file of personal data which is responsible VDT. This entity will treat the information confidentially and exclusively for the purpose of managing customer relationships and promote the activities of the company. Also, VDT cancel, delete and / or block data when they are inaccurate, incomplete or no longer necessary or relevant for their purpose, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on data protection. When entering data into the appropriate form, the user expressly consents that their data may be used for sending commercial communications by e-mail or other means.
Users may revoke the consent and exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to that effect to the address specified in clause 1 and visibly indicating the specific right being exercised.
VDT adopts safety standards required by the Regulation on Security Measures approved by Royal Decree 994/1999 of 6 June. Notwithstanding the foregoing, technical security via the internet is not impregnable and can be leaked by willful misconduct or third parties. VDT may use cookies during the service of the Website. Cookies are automatic collection of information on the preferences of a user while visiting a particular website. This information is recorded in small files that are stored in the computer's user seamlessly. Each time the user returns to the website, these files are automatically activated so that the website is configured with the preferences indicated in previous visits. In short, cookies are physical files of personal information stored on the user's own computer equipment and unequivocally associated with this equipment. Cookies cannot read cookie files created by other suppliers.
Users have the ability to configure their browser so as to prevent the creation of cookie files or display a warning when this occurs. The Website is accessible without the need to activate the options relating to cookies, although they may prevent the proper functioning of security mechanisms for certain amenities or services that require greater security. Generally, the purpose of the cookie file of the Website is to facilitate the navigation of the user.

8. Communication from illicit activities and inadequate
In the event that the User or any other Internet user becomes aware that Linked Sites refer to pages whose content or services are unlawful, harmful, degrading, violent or anti- morality may contact VDT indicating the following: personal data: name, address, phone number and email address, description of the events that reveal illegal or inappropriate nature of the Linked Site; In the case of violation rights, including intellectual property, personal data of the holder of the rights infringed when someone other than the petitioner. It should also provide the diploma attesting to the legitimacy of the rights of the holder and, where applicable, the representative to act on behalf of the owner when someone other than the submitter, and affirmation that the information contained in the complaint is accurate. The receipt by VDT notification under this clause will not, in accordance with the LSSI, the knowledge of the activities and / or contents specified by the caller.
9. Limitation of liability for the use of our websites
VDT makes every effort to ensure that their web pages are available for users without any risk. However, cyber attacks by hackers and intruders are always a small possibility. So people who uses this web site, use it at their own risk. VDT, their partners, employees and representatives are not liable for any errors or omissions that could suffer the contents of this website or other content that can be accessed through it. VDT, partners, collaborators, employees and representatives cannot be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this web site nor for any action taken on the basis of the information provided therein. VDT does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that could damage or alter the computer system, electronic documents or files of users of this website. Consequently, VDT is not liable for damages that such elements may cause the user or third parties.
10. Return policy
You have 7 days to ask for a refund to return your purchases starting at the reception time at your home. If the return was due to a container deterioration produced during transport, will be replaced by the same Items and will be shipped free of charge at the earliest. If the customer does not wish to receive back the product/s, there will be a refund on your credit card for the full amount paid.
11. Law
This legal notice is governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.